MasterDAX - Digital Asset Exchange Turnkey Solution | Setting Up Your Digital Asset Exchange in One Stop

MasterDAX Technical Service

· Using our services, you can get:

We also provide technical support:

1. Free deployment (Exchange Website, H5, Management Dashboard)

2. Customized training program (source code, product design)

3. 7*12 professional support.

Trading Coins

· Support 40+ trading coins

· Process:

1. Submit Application Form and contact with business managers.

2. MasterDAX evaluates requests, and provides estimate development time and feedback.

3. Trading coins online.

MasterDAX 2.0 Service

API Services

Cloud Service API

Access to open API service for free after signing up contacts.

One Step Solution

Provide exchange platform (website, H5, Android & iOS app), management dashboard, relative documents.

Cloud Services

Cloud service for trading system, wallet management, and clearing service etc.

· 50,000 users, 2 million times trading quotes

· 100,000 users, 4 million times trading quotes

Trading Coin

If the trading coin is not currently supported, we help you to develop at low cost.

MasterDAX 1.0 Service

All source code for exchange service

Cryptocurrency Exchange Turnkey Solution

Create your cryptocurrency exchange with low cost